Soft house

Year: 2021
Area: 415 sq.m.
Designer: Alexey Gulesha, Nastya Kaplan, Nastya Abravitova

This is an interior design project for a private residence located in Saudi Arabia. A big family and servants live in the house. We decided to show you the largest and most atmospheric spaces. We wanted to make a cozy and cool place to relax, to design common and private rooms so that the family would like to spend time together but respect the personal comfort of everyone.

We tried to include the warmness of the landscape into the interior, so there will be no color contrast between outside and inside. The sun rays play perfectly in this living room and create a cozy atmosphere working with the light bobbinets.

Dinning zone consists of the 6 Andreu World chairs and a custom-made granite table. The unique and a little bit hi-tec detail is the steel cabinet. We thought it would be a cool contrast between the natural stone on the wall and brushed steel. By the way we got a beautiful play of sun rays on the facade of this cabinet.

Also we added an Ingo Maurer chandelier which makes a perfect contrast with the table: thin and smooth lamp soars in the air like a bird over the rocks.

The work space is a very calm part of the house, so we wanted to keep the calmness by making everything in similar colors and textures and add a smooth shape to the stairs so the sight could slide up and down smoothly.

The master bedroom has its own wardrobe and bathroom. 

All the surfaces are covered with micro concrete.

There are a few more bathrooms for kids and staff in this house.

Kid’s living room, where they can play and communicate, watch TV and create something together.

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