Year: 2021
Area: 110 sq.m.
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Team: Ivanna GaidarzhyDmitry Sivak, Yuliia StorozhevaAngelina StelmakhAnastasiia Abravitova

This is a project of an apartment for a long term rent. The client is a very stylish person who loves art and design and respects heritage of the designers of the past. The building is located in the old part of the town, so we we obviously wanted to keep this calm atmosphere. 

Since this is a rental apartment, we tried to use only simple solutions and techniques. Almost all of our walls were just painted. All the ceilings and minimal work was done to change the geometry of the room.​​​​​​​

We didn’t create any decorative or useless structures, which only complicates the interior. We tried to make everything as simple and laconic as possible.  

Real marble was used in the bathroom, because despite its high cost, nothing can compare with the charming texture of real stone. 

the two bedrooms were in almost identical materials, but we tried to make them different through nuances of color and details.

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