Half-light apartment

Year: 2020
Area: 165 sq.m.
Designer: Alexey Gulesha

An ascetic bachelor apartment on the 66th floor. 
The apartment is made for temporary stay and rental. The beautiful view from the windows and the languid cold interior create a wonderful atmosphere for both self-delusion and melancholic experiences during the day, and for fun parties at night.
The wall behind the bed is finished with sheets of oxidized metal. The bed is from Ivano Redaelli, the sideboards are finished in stainless steel, and the shelves and hanging lamp are from Viabizzuno.

There were two options for the wall behind and the client chose the blue one, so this color then effected on all the other rooms.

The floor in the bedroom is divided into two levels: on the upper one there is a bed and a bathtub, from which there is a beautiful view out the window, and on the lower one there is an open shower room and toilet.

The basin is from Agape, basin taps and towel rails are from CEA, hanging light above the basin is from Nemo light.

There’re also shower heads by Antonio Lupi and side tables from Agape.

We wanted to keep the same atmosphere through the whole interior, so in the living room we did everything in a neutral cold tones, but added a few simple accents like kitchen island in marble and steinless steel kitchen finishes. 

The stools are from Classicon. The lights above the island are from Viabizzuno.

Walls over the wardrobe covered with mirror, so the space in this room transforms and seems bigger then it is.


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