Stage: project
Year: 2020
Area: 265 sq m
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Команда: Dmitry Shmatenko, Dmitry Makagon, Sergey Molchanov, Alexandra KryvtsovаDmitry Sivak

The design site is located in a country village, which was founded at the beginning of the last century in the midst of a young forest that has survived to this day.

The main wish of the client is to leave the existing perennial pine trees on the site. Given the scale of the planned development, this became one of the fundamental factors influencing the project.

The site has an elongated shape and two entrances from opposite sides. This formed a longitudinal communication axis that connected all functions outside and inside the house: master bedroom block, guest bedroom block, living room, terrace, pond, garden. Thanks to this structure and features of the terrain, when entering the house, we can observe the space of the living room, the terrace and the forest in the opposite part of the yard.

plan of the house on the plot

The need to maintain a distance from perennial trees served as an impetus for the creation of separate outdoor spaces near the bedrooms. As a result, we got a structure resembling a checkerboard, with separate courtyards on unfilled cells. This removes the usual boundary between indoor and outdoor space and brings the irregularity of the forest structure inside the house.


The texture and shape of the brick walls are similar to the shades of tree bark and terrain, making the building part of the place.


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