Abaco Bahamas

Location: Bahamas
Area: 6200 sq. ft. / 580 sq. m.
Year: 2023
Another foreign project that our team developed during the war in cooperation with an American company of developers.
The clients really wanted to feel the atmosphere of a country house, to have as many plants and natural materials in the interior as possible. Quite traditional architecture of the house led to calm and expressive design solutions. Almost every room has large windows, so the main task was to successfully use the interaction of warm sunlight and interior materials. 
The furniture composition suggests a lot of guests and a fun holiday with your closest friends. The design does not oblige, but simply gives a feeling of comfort and warmth.

We used a lot of active textures and contrasting materials such as marble, wood, stone, decorative plaster and metal in the design but with a color palette of discreet natural hues. Added to this natural light entering through the panoramic windows into the warm interior, we have created a noble and worthy atmosphere.

The bedroom is a logical extension of the Great Room design line.
The main goal was to create a clean, minimal but informal atmosphere, based on natural materials.
In contrast to the floor is a bed with a soft headboard, next to which we showed two versions of bedside tables.
In the first call, we discussed the availability of a coffee machine in the bedroom, so we placed it behind the wall with the TV, which is finished with a wood veneer.​​​​​​​

Courtyar is made like a little botanical garden inside the house. Materials in the general style of the house with an abundance of greenery.

The house is big and a lot of people will live in it, so you need to create places for everyone to relax. 

In the design of this room, we used soft light colors to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and watching movies.

The beautiful view from the windows and soft natural interior creates an excellent atmosphere for relaxation and concentration.

The BATH is separated from the bedroom with a sliding door.
We recommend decorating all doors in the room, except the door leading to the sauna with decorative plaster, as for the walls.
A natural Persian red travertine wall lends style and elegance to an interior.
The result is an atmosphere of sophistication and tranquility, defined by a unified design language and continuity of materials.


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